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Stencil Products

Stencil SMT

Quality SMT stencils are made from materials that can withstand tough working conditions.

Our company delivers only high quality products with the best available materials in the market.

SMT stencil can be with Frame or without Frame.

Application: Solder paste, Glue.

Type of material: Stainless steel

Production process: Lasered

Thickness: Standard 100μm, 120μm, / non Standard 80μm, 150μm, 200μm, 250μm.

Standard Framed Stencils not Adjustable

Avelable dimensions of Standard Frames:

300*400mm (Valid area 140*240mm)

370*470mm (Valid area 190*290mm)

420*520mm (Valid area 240*340mm)

450*550mm (Valid area 270*370mm)

584*584mm (Valid area 380*380mm)

400*600mm (valid area 220*400mm)

550*800mm (Valid area 350*450mm)

736*736mm (Valid area 500*500mm)

500*800mm (Valid area 320*600mm)

400*900mm (Valid area 250*700mm)

400*1200mm (Valid area 220*1000mm)

400*1500mm (Valid area 250*1200mm)

Stencil for Quick Clamping Tension Systems

DEK VectorGuard

Alu frame






Mechatronic Systems

Alpha Tetra

Easy Stretch Stencil Frame

ES 4050 & ES 4041

Just Fast and Easy:You need only 2' to Change and Stretch a new Stencil.

weight: aprox 5Kg.

Price: 740.00 euro

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