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Standard PCB 1 to 14 Layers FR4 Material fromTG 130 to TG 170

Rogers 4003C/4350B

Advanced PCB 1 to 30 Layers FR4 Material from TG 140 to TG 170

FPC/Rigid-Flex FPC PCB up to 8 Layers

Rigid-Flex up to 10 Layers

Aluminum PCB.

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SMT Stencil

Application: Solder paste, Glue.

Adjustable Stencil Frame

Easy and Fast Stencil Stretch System

ES 4050 & ES 4041

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transportation world wide

Transportation worldwide!

PROMO FREE Transportation to Bulgaria,Romania and Greece for orders up to 4Kg with SPEEDY!

PROMOTION is valid for PCB orders only!

For all other destinations we can offer the best transportation solution for you....

DMF Check

We provide complete DFM check to your PCB and Stencil projects for FREE to identify possible production issues that could appear during manufacturing. If we find any defects or errors, we will immediately get in touch with you!



High quality Products and customer satisfaction are the most important focuses to us which contribute to our success!

Low to High Volume

There is no volume limitation!

We can support from PCB prototyping to volume production!


High qualiry products with fair prices available for Stencil, PCB prototype, middle or mass production!

The prices are based on the material you have request.

Always we choose the best available material at the market!


we have over 31 years of experience in the PCB market which allows us to support our customers better than most PCB suppliers.

This makes us the natural choice as your supplier to any of your PCB needs!!


Free Quote

Get your free Quote in two steps!

1.Send us your Gerber files by email.

2.Get your free Quote in the next 12 hours for standard pcb's and in the next 72 hours for more complicated pcb's.

How you can order


We are distributors for one of the largest warehouses around Europe and we can offer you a big range of electronic components from a large stock with fast delivery and good prices!

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Drills and Routers

PCB Drill and Router Bits Tungsten Carbide

High grade solid carbide PCB drills, 3,175mm shank. Solid carbide drills remain sharp for much longer than steel drills when drilling  FR4 epoxy glass PCB laminates and should be used at high speed to produce good quality holes and avoid breakage.

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Free PCB Design Software

If you need free design software we select for you some of the most popular free software’s for PCB design for more information and the links push the button bellow.

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